Europees Milieuagentschap waarschuwt voor extreem weer en klimaatverandering (en)

Met dank overgenomen van EUobserver (EUOBSERVER) i, gepubliceerd op woensdag 2 juni 2004, 10:00.
Auteur: | By Marit Ruuda

The European Environment Agency has warned that countries need to take more action on climate change as the number of weather and climate related disasters doubles.

In a report published this week, the EEA warns that the number of weather and climate related disasters in Europe doubled during the 1990s with an average cost of 10 billion euro a year, and rising.

"This is money that could otherwise be spent in productive ways, for example to promote competitiveness and innovation, which are defining conditions for delivering sustainable economic growth", said Prof Jacqueline McGlade, EEA Executive Director.

The body - funded by 31 European governments - paints a cataclysmic picture of glaciers receding and marine species being disturbed.

At the same time, much of Europe's urban population is still exposed to air pollution above health protection levels.

Problems continue with increasing waste packaging "overall trends in waste generation are unsustainable and current policy tools inadequate", concludes the report.

Also, nitrate pollution from farming continues and consumers are paying most of the clean-up costs.

The report also highlights the increase in built-up land and the rise in energy consumption.

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