Ministers buitenlandse zaken bespreken mensenrechten in kader van Raad van Europa (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Raad van Europa (RvE) i, gepubliceerd op donderdag 10 november 2005.

Strasbourg 10.11.2005 - Foreign Ministers from the 46 Council of Europe member states will meet on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 November in Strasbourg, under the Portuguese presidency.

Invited by the Organisation's Secretary General Terry Davis, the ministers will have an informal meeting with Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker who was given the task, in his private capacity, of preparing a report on the relations between the Council of Europe and the European Union at the Warsaw Summit . The meeting will take place on 16 November at 7 pm.

On 17 November, during a meeting chaired by Portuguese Foreign Minister and Committee of Ministers Chair Diogo Freitas do Amaral, they will review the decisions taken by the Heads of State and Government at Warsaw on 16 and 17 May this year. Talks will centre around four priority themes:

  • consolidation of the Council of Europe's human rights protection system,
  • strengthening the Council of Europe's action to promote democracy,
  • building a more humane Europe,
  • strengthening of the co-operation between the Council of Europe, the European Union and the OSCE.

Romania will take over the Committee of Ministers presidency from Portugal for the next six months, Romanian Foreign Minister Mihan Razvan Ungureanu will present the priorities of the presidency at the end of the session.

Press conference: Thursday 17 November at 3pm ( room 1, Palais de l'Europe, second floor) with Portuguese Foreign Minister Diogo Freitas do Amaral and Secretary General Terry Davis.

Operational Information:

  • Arrival of the ministers at the Secretary General's residence, rue Joseph Massol, Wednesday 16 November from 6.45 pm.
  • Group Photo: 16 November, 7 pm.
  • The meeting is closed to the press. Photographers and camera crews can film for a few minutes at the beginning of the session on 17 November at 9.30 pm and at the end, during the ceremony to hand over the presidency around 1 pm ( Committee of Ministers room).

Press Contact:

Henriette Girard, Council of Europe Press Division, Tel. +33 3 88 41 21 41 ; E-mail:

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