EP akkoord met takenpakket Europees agentschap voor Netwerk- en Informatiebeveiliging (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Iers voorzitterschap Europese Unie eerste helft 2013, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 29 januari 2013.

Final discussions were held with European Parliament today to reach agreement on the workings of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

This Agency, a centre of expertise in Network and Information Security, was originally set up to enhance the EU’s cyber security systems, through the provision of expertise, data analysis, awareness raising and developing public/private partnerships of benefit to all. Given the ever-changing nature of technology, there was recognition at EU level of the need to update the Agency’s remit, and today discussions with the European Parliament concluded how this should be achieved. Building on the considerable work and progress of the Cyprus Presidency, the agreement reached today, subject to final approval by the Committee of Permanent Representatives, will lead to a more robust, reinforced agency, better able to meet the technological challenges and demands facing the EU now and in the future.

Background Note

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is an agency of the European Union. ENISA was created by EU Regulation in 2004 with a mandate for 5 years which was subsequently extended up to 2012. The new Regulation will further extend the mandate. ENISA is based in Heraklion, Greece.