Statement by President von der Leyen on Denmark's recovery and resilience plan

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op zaterdag 19 juni 2021.

Thanks you Mette, dear Prime Minister,

It is wonderful to be here in Copenhagen and thank you very much for the warm welcome. Indeed today we can, after a very, very difficult one and a half year, look forward to the future with a lot of hope and a lot of confidence. We have just been discussing how well the vaccinations are progressing.

The recovery is getting started. And indeed, our recovery programme, as you outlined, is exceptional because the crisis also has been exceptional.

With NextGenerationEU, we want to reshape our continent for decades ahead. We will be digitalising our economies, as we have never done before. We are making the European Green Deal a reality. I know you are a front-runner, so it is wonderful to watch how you are developing at a high level even more the green policies. And we are pushing for the necessary reforms we do need in Europe.

Our plan, NextGenerationEU, is worth EUR 800 billion in today's prices. And it is the recovery that the European economy needs, now and for the future.

And I am very happy to announce - that is the reason why I am here - that the European Commission has decided to give its green light to an outstanding Danish recovery and resilience plan. And I want to thank the Danish authority authorities, and you and your government, for the excellent cooperation. The reforms and the investments will accelerate the green and the digital transitions in Denmark.

Indeed, 59% - so that is the exact figure but we can say 60% - of the Danish plan will support our green objectives. Denmark's plan is indeed among the greenest ones in the European Union - if it is not the greenest one.

And it is outstanding to see what you are all doing, from planning an ambitious green tax reform, to building infrastructure for electric mobility across the country, but also protecting our climate by upgrading heating systems and supporting the development of nature-based solutions and, of course, research and development.

We will see afterwards the renewable energies, which are really a role model and a hallmark to visit here. The Danish plan will also dedicate significant resources to our other landmark goal, and that is digitalisation.

The plan devotes 25% to digitalisation, it will invest in helping small and medium enterprises to go digital. You will digitise your administration even more and it will extend high-speed broadband throughout the country.

In sum, the plan clearly meets the demanding criteria we have jointly established with all Member States. It is ambitious, it is far-sighted. Mostly, it will help Denmark to build a greener future, and thus for the Danish people and for the European Union as a whole.

We all know that it is outstanding what we see here because NextGenerationEU, as a whole in Europe, with our priorities - the digitalisation and the European Green Deal - will deliver so much more than 27 individual recovery plans ever could.

Today's approval is an important milestone for the disbursement of the EUR 1.5 billion over the next years. And once the plan is approved by the Council - that is the next step -, we will be ready to disburse the first funds as of July.

Denmark is already a front-runner in the green and the digital transition. NextGenerationEU funds will give another boost to emerge stronger from the crisis and you will maintain your leadership. Your success will be our success. It will be a Danish success and a European success.

Mange tak.