JBZ-Raad besluit tot raamwerkovereenkomst tegen drugshandel (en)

maandag 25 oktober 2004

The Justice and Home Affairs Council has formally adopted today the Framework decision on drugs trafficking, on the basis of a Commission proposal of May 2001.

Following on from its Communication on the results of final evaluation of the EU Drugs Strategy and Action Plan (2000-2004), presented at the JHA Council today, the Commission believes that closer cooperation is needed between the various law enforcement authorities in the Member States to tackle the problem of illicit drugs trafficking. To be effective, such cooperation must be based on a common set of principles and aims. By agreeing on a common definition of the offence of drug trafficking and by foreseeing effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties in all Member States, this framework decision constitutes a major step forward in this field.

This instrument is part of the EU comprehensive anti drugs strategy, based on an approach that balances measures to reduce demand and combat supply. The adoption of a common and clearly defined approach to this problem is also a major improvement in the context of the enlarged European Union.

The Commission welcomes the fact that the Council could adopt this important text, which reinforces the EU `drugs acquis' and strengthens the EU coordination in the fight against drugs trafficking.