Media advisory - Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (Employment and social policy), 15 October 2021

Met dank overgenomen van Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad) i, gepubliceerd op vrijdag 15 oktober 2021.

Indicative programme


ECC Luxembourg

All times are approximate and subject to change

Friday 15 October 2021

from 9.00

Arrivals (live streaming)


Beginning of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council

Adoption of the agenda

+/- 10.10 (public session)

The future of the European Semester with a strong role of the European Pillar of Social Rights

+/- 11.55 (public session)

European Semester

  • a) 
    Key Employment Challenges: Key messages from the EMCO based on the Annual Employment Performance Report and the Employment Performance Monitor
  • b) 
    Key Social Challenges: Key messages from the SPC based on the Annual Review of the Social Protection Performance Monitor
  • c) 
    Council Decision on Guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States

+/- 12.15 (public session)

Conclusions on Gender Mainstreaming in the EU i Budget

+/- 12.25 (public session)

Any other business:

  • a) 
    A long-term vision for rural areas
  • b) 
    Tripartite Social Summit (Brussels, 20 0ctober 2021)

+/- 12.35

Approval of A items

+/- 12.50

Any other business:

  • c) 
    Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) and European Social Security Pass (ESS PASS) projects

+/- 15.00 (public session)

Safety and health at the hearth of the future of work

+/- 17.00

Press conference in live streaming.

Arrangements for the press conference

In light of the gradual relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions both in Belgium and Luxembourg, a limited number of journalists will be allowed to attend physically the meeting of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council. More info here.

Press conference will remain accessible also in video conference. In order to participate and ask questions, EU accredited journalists should register using this link.

Those who already registered for previous press briefing or press conference of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council do not need to do it again.

  • Deadline for registration: Friday, 15 October 2021, 16.00

Further instructions will be sent to all registered participants shortly after the deadline.

Videos and photos from the event

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